Blackboard & Whiteboard Walls

The easiest way to create your own Blackboard or Whiteboard is with paint! Blackboard and Whiteboard Walls aren't only just for offices and schools as they can also be creatively added to your home space without looking too out of place. Not only are Blackboards and Whiteboards very practical, they can also look very effective and become a real statement within your home space if they are done right. Blackboard and Whiteboard Walls aren't just for your home office either, as they are now being used in kitchen, dining and bedrooms and can even be applied to furniture.

Dulux make a Design Collection Chalkboard Paint which is available in Black for a traditional Chalkboard look or even in Colours where it can be tinted to any Dulux paint colour made from an Ultra Deep Base. Porters also have a Chalkboard Coloured Paint that is available in a range of Porters Paint Colours. Dulux Chalkboard Paint can be applied to plasterboard, brick, cement sheet, timber and metal surfaces and for interior use whereas Porters Chalkboard Coloured Paint can be applied to plasterboard, brick, render or timber and is suitable for interior and exterior. If you'd prefer a Whiteboard Wall, then look no further than Rustoleum Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint which is for interior use only and can be applied to drywall, masonite, wood, cement and metal.

Tip: If you have created artwork on your Chalkboard Wall and want to retain it without it being wiped off, then apply a thin coat of Cabots Cabothane Clear Matt Water Based over to protect it. The Matt finish won't alter the sheen level too much of the flat chalkboard finish and will give it a slightly deeper appearance while still protecting the chalkwork.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Snow White

Haymes Modesty White

Dulux White on White

Porters Half Strength

Haymes Comfort 3

Dulux Grey Master

Dulux Design Collection Chalkboard Black

Porters Chalkboard Paint

Rustoleum Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint

Metallic Rose Gold Cork A16708 Wallpaper

Bricks Modern Foundation IR72010 Wallpaper

Structure Colourful Stone IR50001 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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